I am a little surprised to find I have not updated this blog for 4 months. I hope no one was holding their breath waiting to find out what became of my pain. So I will start by updating that saga.

More tests showed nothing. I was referred to an orthopedist who I saw at the beginning of March. He said one of the MRI’s did note a slight thinning of cartilage around my knee, which could be causing the pain. He wanted to try a shot of cortisone along with some pain killers in my knee. The shot hurt….. a lot! But it did lessen the pain. It didn’t disappear, but it certainly became easier to deal with. He also referred me to a physical therapist, who gave me some stretches and exercises to try. I don’t believe those helped much at all. The relief lasted a few weeks and then the pain has slowly started to return. It’s not as bad as it was to begin with, but also not as good as it was following the shot. So, tomorrow, I am going back to the doctor for another shot. It’s obvious that it is just a band aid for the pain, but I have some big travel plans this summer and I hope to be able to enjoy my trips as pain free as possible.

Everything else is business as usual as far as the cancer goes. I continue on a combination of Ibrance and Faslodex along with my infusions of Zometa every three months. I will have my bi-annual PET/CT Scan at the end of July.

So, in other news, we sold our house and are now living in an apartment. This was a really quick decision. It wasn’t in our plans to move at all, but we looked at some model homes in March, found out what our house was worth, crunched some numbers and pulled the trigger. This is the third house that Mark has had built from scratch, but my first. There really wasn’t anything wrong with our home that we owned for twelve years, but we are looking to the future. My mom is planning on moving in with us, which I’m so happy about. At present her health is fine, but she is alone in Florida with no family near by. As she ages, I would like to be closer to her and have her near us so that we can help her out. Convincing her to leave sunny Florida and come back to Colorado was no easy task, but a new house with a ranch floor plan finally convinced her! The other consideration of course, is my health. As it declines, it will be nice to have one level.

Anyway, the past few months have been an absolute whirlwind. The new house won’t be finished until November-ish. However, spring and summer are the most favorable times to sell a house and the market is really hot right now. So we chose to go ahead and sell now, move to an apartment temporarily, and then move again. Our decision did pay off as we ended up getting $15,000 above asking price for our home! When I said the market is hot, I meant smoking hot!

As we have progressed in the process of selling, buying, moving, etc., there is a phrase that I keep hearing often. “This is going to be our forever home.” On one hand, it makes me smile, on the other hand it makes me cringe. Yes, this will most likely be the last house we purchase. We are enjoying the planning and getting to pick out fixtures, colors, designs, etc. I’m thankful Mark has been through this before, because it is an intimidating process. We have a long way to go, but so far, so good.

On the other hand, considering I am already past my “expiration date” and living with a terminal diagnosis, I can’t help but wonder what exactly “forever” means to me? It’s somewhat surreal. Forever is hard to define, but most would agree that forever means a long time. In my situation, forever could be a year, 2 years, 5 years. Who knows? Then of course, we could go down the existential road of “is there really such thing as forever?” but that might have to be an entirely different piece of writing.

The good news is that I haven’t once really questioned this decision. As crazy as it may be, it feels right. It seems the ultimate act of optimism to be building my “forever home” in the midst of never-ending cancer treatment, but I’ve always said that I wasn’t going to make decisions as if I’m going to die, but as if I’m going to live. So there you go. Building a house from scratch is definitely making a decision as if I’m going to live.

While waiting for the house to be built, I will be optimistically traveling to some pretty incredible places this summer. I leave next week for Florida for three weeks. This trip will include several nights in Key West, a week in a condo on the beach, and a four day cruise to Cuba! I return on July 5th. I’m home just long enough to do laundry, go get my cancer treatments, re-pack and leave to see my brother in Australia. Talk about a bucket list trip. Nick and I will spend two weeks exploring Sydney and the south east coast. My brother moved to Kiama, Australia in February and will be living there for 3 years. Who could possibly pass on the opportunity to visit the land down under?

The summer will go by quickly, as always, and before I know it the new school year will be here. Time seems to speed up the older I get. Andy Rooney once said, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper-the closer you get to the end, the faster is goes.” So true!

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